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unwittysidekick's Journal

24 April 1982
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I'm a huge smallville fan; I'm a chlarker but i also enjoy reading chlollie fanfic as well.
I like to write, when i have the time (and a good idea). All of my stories are posted here but I also put them up on fanfiction.net
I'm also into pretty much anything else superman as well.
I'm pretty much addicted to music and some of my current favorite people/groups are listed in the interests section although they can and probably will be subject to change.
I'm absolutely addicted to comic books! i read DC comics - just about anything superman/superman family and batman are my regular monthly reading, as well as green arrow, flash, birds of prey, and legion of superheroes
My other serious addiction is chick-fil-a. i ususally try to eat there at least once a week!
I have something of an interest in environmental/conservation issues also (you can blame/thank a class that was a requirement for my major that i took my last semester of school)